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Changer XP Features

  • Boot Screen changer, Win XP Logon Screen changer, Desktop Wallpaper Changer, IE Skin Changer and Screen Saver changer all in one.
  • You can program desktop wallpaper, Win XP logon screen, IE skin, screen saver and boot screen to change automatically after a specified time period (e.g. every 30 minutes). You can even change them in days, hours, minutes and seconds!
  • Support thumbnail view.
  • Support image re-sampling with interpolation and averaging to produce a best quality image for boot screen and desktop wallpaper.
  • Support color reduction with image dithering to keep the quality of the source image for boot screen, desktop wallpaper and IE skin.
  • Support hotkeys to access features of Changer XP quickly.
  • Use system tray to ease your control of Changer XP anytime.
  • Setting and preview screen saver by context menu.
  • JPG, BMP, TGA, GIF, PNG, TIF, WMF , EMF , TGA files and modified ntoskrnl.exe files are supported.
  • Complete multi-language support, with run-time language switching.
  • Auto check new version online at startup.

    If you have not found the feature you need in the above, please tell us ASAP. If we take your advice in the next version, you will get the software for free! We would love to hear it from you!

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