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Cool Find - File search, lan search utility, file find

Advanced  File Search Software

Cool Find 1.17 is available now!

As a file search and management software for Windows, Cool Find endeavours to provide you a widest scope and a highest efficiency in file search and management. It is your best choice for desktop search.

Main Features:

  • Search files in compressed files
  • Seach files both on PC and LAN
  • Unicode string search
  • String search in Microsoft Office files
  • Show the summary info of mp3 files, office files ...
  • Export search result to txt, html or playlist file
  • Powerful rename function
  • Find duplicate files and find redundant files help you optimize your hard disk.
  • Detailed date and time term search
  • Supports Drag, Drop and Copy of files, even including those in compressed files.


What's new in Cool Find 1.17

  • Support thumbnail view of HTML files and PowerPoint files in Win 2000 / XP.
  • Display the first hit line in string search
  • Support search in JAR, EAR, WAR files
  • Enhanced export of results
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