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Crystal Wallpaper Press Release

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Crystal Wallpaper-A totally new way to enjoy favorite pictures

Nihuo Software has released Crystal Wallpaper 1.1, a Windows 2000/XP utility which is offering a totally new way to enjoy beautiful pictures besides common desktop wallpapers and screensavers.

No need to pause any applications, Crystal Wallpaper enables you to enjoy your favorite pictures on the screen anytime you like by showing each picture transparently as a background or slide showing the pictures on the screen like a flowing stained glass window.

With a clear and friendly user interface, Crystal Wallpaper is very easy to use. With only a few clicks to add your favorite images into the wallpaper list, you can enjoy the transparent picture as a background
or the slide show of pictures on the screen anytime you like. You
can customize the size, position, sequence, opacity and intervals of display all at your will. The wallpapers would be beautiful and transparent, like a crystal touching your heart.

Users who want to 'try before they buy' can download a fully-functional free trial version from the Nihuo Software web site: , or other popular Internet download sites.

Crystal Wallpaper version 1.1 costs $19.95(US) for a single license and can be ordered online at the Nihuo Software web site -

Email: Internet: .

Evaluation copy is available for download at :

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