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FAQ for Crystal Wallpaper

  • How to reduce the CPU time used by Crystal Wallpaper?
    • Check if your display driver is the latest one. If not, please download the latest driver and install it.
    • Select "Custom..." from image size combo box in configuration window, and set smaller display size.
    • If your display mode is 32 bit color depth , please choose 16 bit color depth to make the system running faster. ( Click right button on desktop, select "Properties" on context menu, select "Setting" page and then select "Hi-Color 16bit" mode )
  • How to minimize the affection of Crystal Wallpaper made to your work?
    • Use smaller display size
      Select custom mode in display position setting and put display position to a corner of the screen.
    • Specify lower opacity value in configuration window
  • I selected a high opacity in the configuration window and found I could not view any program windows. What can I do?
    Use the hotkey to decrease opacity ( default is Ctrl + Alt + Page Down ) or the hotkey to enable / disable ( default is Ctrl + Alt + Home ) to show the windows again.
  • How much is Crystal Wallpaper?
    Crystal Wallpaper costs only $19.95 for the option of email registration.

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