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FAQ for Cool Find

  • How to search mp3 files in LAN :
    First, select Network Neighborhood folder in folder window. Second, input "*.mp3" in search file name combo box or select "Audio Files" in file type group menu. Third, click "Search" button.
  • How to view the title and author of mp3 or office files:
    Select menu "Tools->Select Visible Column". Check "Title" and "Author" item and click "OK" button to confirm it.
  • How to search in ZIP files :
    Check "Search in ZIP Files" in general option page.
  • How to record Macro :
    Select menu "Macro->Save Current Search As Macro" or press hot key : Ctrl + Alt + S.
  • How to define new file type group :
    Select menu "Tools->File Type Group List" and press "Add" button.
  • How much is it ?
    Only US$ 38.95 for full license.

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